Friday, July 5, 2013


Please keep in mind that it is against the rules to be on two canon handles simultaneously!

That means, NO, you CANNOT be on turntechGodhead and carcinoGeneticist at the same time, nor can you be on caligulasAquarium and apocalypseArisen at the same time!

Not only will you get kicked off, but you can also be contacted by ghostDunk himself, telling you to get off one or the other.

This is because the canon handles (any handle used in the webcomic) are supposed to be open for all users of Pesterchum. Using more than one at a single time is rude and unfair to everyone else!

I might also add that you are not allowed to hog a handle all to yourself, for the same reason. These are public handles, for everyone to use, you cannot “claim”, “manage”, or register them as your own handle. After so many hours, you need to get off and let other people have their fun with the handle also.

On that note, I would like everyone contacting canon handles to understand that chances are, unless I specifically remember you.. I’m not the same person you were RPing with two hours ago.

And PLEASE. While you’re on the canon handle, try not to be a total asshole OOCly. It’s understandable if your character is having a bad day, but do not take your personal stress out on your visitors! If you don’t want to talk to anyone, sign off the canon handle!! The whole reason for the canon handles being open to all and not assigned bots or to mods is so that people can have fun and talk to each other!

For this same reason, please don’t put yourself as invisible and let people believe that you’re actually offline, especially if you go to bed! You’re just hogging the handle needlessly, and preventing other people from using it. It’s bad enough to be idle, and it’s irritating enough to be invisible, but please. There’s really no need to be invisible and idle. If you’re going to bed, or if you’re leaving the house, or whatever your case may be, just sign out. Stepping away to get a snack or take out the trash is fine, but don’t think to yourself, “I feel tired” and then let yourself fall asleep while signed in. There are times when it can take a whole hour just to kick your sleeping butt off the handle through calSprite.

And please, users… don’t suggest Pesterchum to your non-Homestuck friends, or to friends only barely starting to read it. Wait until they’re at least a few Acts in before giving them the program. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to get pestered by someone who literally doesn’t even know who John or Karkat are, and yes, that has happened to me.

And when you do introduce your friend to Pesterchum, guide them through how it works! It can be really irritating for new users and the experienced users around them when one has to explain what a memo is, or how to use “/me”, or even how quirks work, or what a quirk is. So many people get the chumlist mixed up with the trollslum, and that’s really annoying for people who find themselves unable to talk to anyone. I don’t expect people to know everything as soon as they install it, but please… if you’re going to give it to your friend, just tell them how it works. It’s really simple.

And if you ARE a new user and don’t have anyone to show you the ropes, chances are, someone on a canon handle will happily walk you through it if you ask nicely. Don’t try to convince yourself you know everything instantly, and please… PLEASE, don’t use the canon handles unless you know how the program works…

Also on that note, if you don’t even know how a canon character types, don’t RP them. It’s beyond annoying to message canon Nepeta, just to find out that she isn’t even putting “:33 < “, or has “:33”, or something like that. Or an Eridan that uses as many fish puns as Feferi. Or a Dave that uses punctuation. AUs are fine, but more often than not, they’re not meant for the canon handles. People are expecting to talk to a sophisticated Rose (well.. sometimes they want drunk Rose, but that’s uncommon), so please don’t suddenly turn Rose into an overly lustful, hermaphrodite demon with a 13 inch penis (yes, I encountered that once).

Also, most people get really fucking annoyed at complex quirks. People can’t read what you’re saying if you +\/|03 |!<3 +=!$ (“Type like this”). Yes, there are the skilled few who are good at such puzzles, and may even enjoy them, but 9 times out of 10, you’re going to find a lot of people would rather just close the chat than even try. It can also get you kicked out of memos.

And if you get kicked out of a memo, some people will be fine with you coming back later, but chances are you fucking blew it, so don’t even bother. Some people may even be nice enough to explain why you were kicked or banned if you calmly and politely ask them over a PM. Just remember that at this point, if you’ve been kicked, you’re already on their shitlist. If you want to be able to return to the memo, you’ve got to kiss some serious ass, and be sincere about it. If it’s a registered memo, and they’ve completely banned your handle, and they’ve blocked you from PMing them, do not, I repeat, DO NOT make another handle to get around it! Asking a friend to kindly ask them about it is one thing. Some people won’t mind and will happily explain, some will get just angered by it. But under no circumstances do you ever make another handle just to bypass a ban. You can and likely will get reported to a mod (or even ghostDunk) for doing that, and doing it repeatedly can get you in deep shit. And trust me, even if you think you’re sneaky, there are people who can pick out a person from a crowd like a bloodhound on a bloody steak.

And if you’re kicked or banned, don’t aggressively confront the OPs or the memo, and don’t have a friend jump in to ICly beat the shit out of the OP for no reason. And YES I have seen this happen! A Karkat friend of mine kicked out a Terezi for being aggressive to her IRL Gamzee-RPing girlfriend simply because the Terezi didn’t like GamKar, and that Terezi had a Doc Scratch come in and absolutely out of nowhere start bashing in the Gamzee’s head with a chair, then bitch her and the Karkat out for not shipping Karezi. I’ve also witnessed a case where a guy was kicked repeatedly, then banned from a memo, then messaged the OPs relentlessly, and even told the owner of the memo that he would keep coming back. This is not okay. You were banned for a reason.

And please, please keep in mind that some people are bothered by talk about certain things. For some, it may be an obvious topic, like rape or suicide. For others, it may be something as simple as divorce or flatout romance. If you’re asked to stop, then stop. It’s really simple.

This has been a Pesterchum PSA. Thank you for your time.


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